President, Founder & Master Cooper:

George Voicu

Since George was a little boy in Romania he has had a passion for the manufacturing and craftsmanship that goes into wine barrels.  He often reminisces about the exciting times in his youth where he would work at his grandafther's cooperage with his father. Pursuing a lifetime career as a Cooper had a nice ring to it according to George, however, the economic and political state of his country at the time prevented this dream from becoming reality. To avoid the pitfall of Communism, George left Romania at the age of 28 and moved to America at an attempt to make his own version of the "American Dream."  Opportunity knocked on George's door, but it was in the direction of electrical engineering. Thus, his desire to hand-craft barrels was put aside as George developed his electrical engineering business into the thriving company it is today and started a family; of which his daughter has now taken over the reins . After more than 30 years, George's entrepreneurial spirit, mathematical and  With little money and not knowing many people, George Once in America the barrels become a distant memory, and George pursued the opportunity in front of him, leading a successful electrical engineering company for nearly 3 decades; which he has now passed onto his daughter.  In 2010 he began working with barrels again at first as a hobby, but after making some barrels for some home wine making friends he saw the potential.  After 3 years of honoring his skills and constantly study and learning more and more about coopering George launched East Coast Wood Barrels in 2013.


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