Spurring from the passion of entrepreneurship, the ingenuity from a background in engineering, and an out-of-the-box approach comes East Coast Wood Barrels; the first Cooperage on the Eastern Seaboard specializing in the production of European Oak and American Oak Wine and Whiskey barrels.

 Our mission is to consistently produce premium quality wine and whiskey barrels.

Our goal is to bring manufacturing back to the United States as well as support the local and national economy by utilizing American materials (aside from the European wood) and American labor. We take pride in brandishing each barrel with a "Made in America" seal.


George Voicu / President, Founder & Master Cooper:

Since George was a little boy in Romania, he has held a passion for the manufacturing and craftsmanship that goes into wine and spirit barrels. He often reminisces about the exciting times in his youth where he would work at his father’s side in his grandfather’s cooperage. According to George, pursuing a lifetime career as a cooper had a nice ring to it; however, the economic and political realities of his country at that time prevented this dream from becoming reality. To avoid the pitfall of Communism, George left Romania at the age of 28, a national Judo champion, and moved to America to attempt his own version of the "American Dream." Opportunity knocked on George's door, but it opened with another of his strengths - engineering. Thus, his youthful desire to hand-craft barrels was put aside as George started his own family and grew an electrical engineering business into the thriving company it is today – now in the capable hands of his eldest daughter. In 2010 George once again heeded his grandfather’s call from the barrels, first only as a hobby, but later encouraged by his many wine making friends he fully embraced his childhood passion. After 3 years of honing his skills in dedicated study, George launched East Coast Wood Barrels in 2013.  

Our mission is to consistently produce premium quality wine and whiskey barrels.

Every barrel we produce embodies the ingenuity, perseverance, and quality of George’s American story. This heritage also guides our company’s commitment to: manufacturing within the United States, revitalizing our nation’s economy and local trades, and thoughtfully utilizing America’s natural resources (along with some European wood). We take the greatest pride in brandishing each barrel with the "Made in America" seal.


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