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East Coast Wood Barrels is one of the first Cooperages on the Eastern Seaboard, located just 60 miles east of New York City and positioned right before the great wineries of Long Island. At ECWB, we specialize in the manufacturing of European Oak Wine Barrels and American Oak Whiskey Barrels.

Spurring from the passion of entrepreneurship, the ingenuity from a background in engineering, and an out-of-the-box approach comes East Coast Wood Barrels; the first Cooperage on the Eastern Seaboard specializing in the production of European Oak and American Oak Wine and Whiskey barrels.

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Our mission is to consistently produce premium quality wine and whiskey barrels.

Every barrel we produce embodies the ingenuity, perseverance, and quality of George’s American story. This heritage also guides our company’s commitment to: manufacturing within the United States, revitalizing our nation’s economy and local trades, and thoughtfully utilizing America’s natural resources (along with some European wood). We take the greatest pride in brandishing each barrel with the "Made in America" seal.


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Hybrid Barrel 2017

Hybrid  Barrel 2017

(Patent pending inventor George Voicu)

IMPROVED - Wood and Stainless Steel Hybrid Barrel by inventor and East Cost Wood Barrels founder George Voicu (Patent Pending)

Advantages: Neutral food-grade stainless steel ageing system, standard liquid capacities and footprint, common cap and couplings, micro-oxygenation control through dual wood heads, internal wood stave system supports product finishing.



• Reduced life-cycle costs using replacement staves and heads

• Increased leak-security over the traditional wood barrel

• Versatility: all wood varieties and toast/char levels

• Customization: ability to increase/decrease wine to wood ratio

• Reduced surface area prevents wine oxidation.

• Decreased evaporation (angel share loss)

• Purchase point comparable to traditional French oak barrels

• Hygienic and simple to clean

• Accepts standard barrel racks

• No specialized skill required for stave and head replacement

• Excellent for wine-lab research applications

• Promotes product experimentation (variable wood combinations)


Improved - Wood & Stainless Steel Hybrid Barrel


Capacities for Sale: 10,30, and 59 gallons.

Head Specie (options): american oak ,european oaks or acacia

Stave Insert (options): american oak, european oaks, acacia or other

* Toasting level and duration by winemaker’s request: Light, Medium, Medium Plus, and Heavy.

* Charring level by distiller’s request: charre 1, 2, 3, and 4 <heavy>

* Toasted-then-charred (by customer request)


Improvements: 1) high-polish interior finish, 2) new lift points 3) simplified fastener system decreases time and effort to replace heads and staves. 4) tightening system incorporates a tapered head and side-shim ports for maximum seal security (overcoming the driest storage environments). 5) A removable stave frame offers increased surface area and wood species options, 6) New heads and staves can be ordered from any cooperage and require no special machining (tongue and groove or dowel construction is ok), 7) The new system allows users to source wood from their preferred supplier (ECWB is happy to provide all your replacement heads , staves, and gaskets.) 8.) For spirit producers a head-spring option is available to negate dynamic expansion and contraction experienced in outdoor ageing.


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Hybrid Barrel 2016

Developed 2016 for general winery and distillery applications.

Wood and Stainless Steel Hybrid Barrel - Original by East Coast Wood Barrels (Patent Pending)

Avantages: Neutral food-grade stainless steel ageing system, standard liquid capacities and footprint, common cap and couplings, micro-oxygenation control through dual wood heads, internal wood stave system supports product finishing.

Disadvantages: Extra effort to replace heads and staves.  (recommended for smaller production with ample labor resources),  wire-secured internal staves require extra crafting. Head fastening system requires careful inspection of head-stave assembly (no gaps between staves). The complex head-shape requires machining and limits replacement options.

(East Coast Wood Barrels Will MAKE by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)

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Head Options: American Oak, European Oak and Acacia.

Stave Inserts: American, European, Acacia and Any Wood by Special Order.

For Wine:

Toasting Level Produced as per Customer Request: Light, Medium, Medium+, Heavy;

Precise Temperature Control: Long, Short.

For Whiskey:

Charring Level as per Customer Request: Chare 1, 2, 3, and 4;

Also Available Toasting before Charring.

Barrels Available for: Brandy, Gin, Rum, Cider and Beer;

Please Contact Us for Production Time Frame and Customization.

 Full Barrel: Ready for Sale:

 Inside the Barrel: Staves have Different Toasting Level.

Stainless-Wood Hybrid Facts

Our latest hybrid barrel system represents one of the most functional, secure and economical wine and spirit vessels on the market. Its easily replaceable wood head and stave system enhances both workability and control of your product at a greatly reduced life-cycle cost as compared to traditional wood barrels.

The system’s staves are held within an easily retractable food grade stainless steel rack. This simple, reusable system promotes product workability, vessel maintenance, and provides exceptional wood surface areas.

All of our Hybrid barrels are pre-tested for quality. Our patented tightening system combines a tapered wood head and shim-ports to ensure the security of your primary seal over the duration of your products development.  A food-grade O-ring provides a secondary gasket seal, and finally a spring-loaded bolt connection can be added by special order to overcome dynamic thermal environments utilized by certain spirit makers.


East Coast Wood Barrels maintains a long-standing relationship with international and domestic wood suppliers. Our American oak hails from the states of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and within the Appalachian Region. Our Master Cooper’s Romanian heritage ensures the best quality and price for our imported French, Central and Eastern European wood. All of our European wine oaks are seasoned for a minimum of 24-48 months, and our American wine oaks are typically seasoned for 1-3 years


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premium quality wine and whiskey barrels.